What kind of company about UTS Myanmar?

UTS Myanmar is a software house that has its head office in Japan. In Japan Unitech system, we have carried out a software development and sales for the human resources business industry over 30 years.
With the business expansion, the establishment of the offshore development center in Myanmar 2014.
UTS Myanmar,we support the development work of Japan headquarters in the center a customized version up correspondence of software of existing products.

Description of business

UTS in Myanmar, mainly expand the three businesses.
For Myanmar domestic, we are developing and providing the first "Palm vein authentication type time and attendance management system"
which is the first in Southeast Asia, and in the offshore area,
from the programming of the "staffing management system" boasting the No. 1 share in Japan has undertaken to implement testing.
In addition, in web site production, we are developing business to respond to the demand of Myanmar,
the Internet environment is rapidly being adjusted, such as providing "recruitment site" to local companies.

Message from JAPAN

Hello Myanmar Everyone.
Unitech System is a software house founded about 30 years.
Perform the provision of software human resources business industry in the main over the eternal,in behind the scenes,
have been supporting Japan's human resources business through information technology.

Welcomed the establishment 30 years, thought not feline in today Myanmar employees and changing information technology and content to new age.

We can bring in IT.
It featured people spending, companies bring extreme.

We make a boost to all the people and companies that software manufacturer.

To Myanmar a passion for Japan of "manufacturing".

 "We are for more than 30 years in Japan and has been involved in the human resources service system package software development and sales. Due to business expansion, in 2014, offshore development center established the UTS Myanmar.

 Did established the UTS Myanmar participated in the Myanmar inspection tour. In touch and work towards Myanmar's dedication, passion and hard-working personality, we decided advance on the spot.

 It's IT-ization at present in Myanmar, it's developing, I have that. We believe in providing Japan companies out there, and we have technical skills and management skills, leading to the growth of local IT companies. Customizing the UTS Myanmar, working in Japan as a base for offshore goods (human resources service system packaged software), corresponding to revision of law we are outsourcing. People of Myanmar nationality or may be achieved for any testing program is meticulous, delicate, and to improve the quality.

 We will expand its staff and on-site planning, development of new products and business operations can be localized in UTS Myanmar staff to pursue.

 We will focus on IT education more than ever, I think engineers can be accepted as a full-fledged engineer to produce, could contribute to the development of Myanmar.

Application Requirements

Entry job titleProgrammer
SexNo question
Age24 years old or younger
Number of peopleMax 6
Job descriptionSystem development and testing
※ It is C ++ to use in training and practice.
Work areaOnly in Myanmar
Employment contract periodTrial period , then transition to indefinite employment
Salary (monthly salary)◇ During the training period:200,000Kyat
◇ After official adoption:250,000Kyat
Qualification requirementsGraduated from IT university (3 years or more)
Pay riseTwice a year
BonusEstimated once a year ※Based on results
OtherEmployee trips once a year ※Based on results
Uniform provision

Company overview

Company NameUTS Myanmar Co., Ltd
Room No.414,4th Floor,Condominium Apartment,Hledan Center
Corner of Pyay Road & Hledan Road,Kamayut Township,Yangon.
PresidentWatanabe Masanori
BankKANBAWZA BANK Sumitomo mitsui Banking Corpration Yangon Branch