About the handling of personal information

Before you submit your application, you need to read our company's "Personal Information Protection Policy" and agree to the contents described. Please read the Company's "Personal Information Protection Policy" carefully and if you agree, please click the "I agree" button below and proceed to the screen of the input form.

The company handles the personal information entrusted as follows.
Purpose of Use
1.Purpose of Use
The use purpose of the provided personal information is as specified below.
・Recruitment activities: Response to recruiting activities, contact, selection procedure
・Information Requester / Seminar Applicant / Free Demo Version Applicant / Experience Demo Version Applicant Information: Send and contact materials

2.About Personal Information Protection Administrator
Our personal Information protection administrator is as follows.
UTS Myanmar Co., Ltd
Personal information protection manager  Soe Sandar Win Mynt
Email address:entry@uts-myanmar.jp
3.About third-party provision of personal information
In order to fulfill the purpose of use mentioned in 1 above, we may provide it to third parties.
4.About consignment
It may be outsourced in order to fulfill the purpose of use of the above paragraph.
On the arbitrariness of providing personal information
It is optional for us to keep personal information. However, we may not be able to fulfill the purpose of use of the above paragraph if it is not available.
6.Complaints about personal information and disclosure, etc.
Please contact the personal Information Protection administrator in paragraph 2 above about the complaint and disclosure (notification, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of the purpose of use, suspension of use or provision to third parties, etc.) concerning the handling of personal information disclosed by the company. We will explain the procedures for requesting complaints and disclosure, etc.
We will also explain the notification of the purpose of use and the fee for disclosing personal information.
7.Considerations for storing personal information
We only store certain information in your Web browser if you authorize it.
The safety of your personal information protection on your mobile device or computer is left to your discretion.
The company is not responsible for any personal information stored in the browser used by the user.